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Phenology Activities in the Red Butte Garden - by Christine Melvin

For the 3rd Grade Field Trip, students will be led on a two-hour hike in the Red Butte Garden Natural Area.  During the hike, students will engage in the practice of collecting data within Nature’s Notebook citizen science database. Between recording Nature’s Notebook data, students will be participating in four different hands-on learning activities that focus on one change in a plant or animal’s life cycle (birth, growth, reproduction, and death). Each hands-on stop will also give a closer glimpse of a phenophase stage that the students may witness throughout their field trip.

Each hands-on activity is geared to try to practice “Phenology” the science of showing or appearing.

Type of Resource: 
Lesson plan
Created by an LPL
Audience Type: 
Elementary School (K-4)
Length of Time: 
30 minutes