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Observers have been contributing to the USA-National Phenology Network's National Phenology Database for 10 years and counting.

Image credit:
Brian F. Powell

Celebrating 10 Years of the USA-NPN and Nature's Notebook Data Collection

Each month, we celebrate a different aspect of the 10-year history of the USA National Phenology Network and our Nature's Notebook program. 



Cathie Bird, 10-year Nature's Notebook observer

This month we celebrate one of our long-time observers. Cathie Bird has been submitting observations to Nature’s Notebook for all 10 years of the program! At her home in Tennessee, she tracks the phenology of Northern Cardinal, Black-capped Chickadee, and more! Cathie has created a rich, long-term dataset that can show changes in phenology over time. Check out Cathie's blog to learn about her findings. 



We kick off our 10-year anniversary celebration with special logos to commemorate the occasion! The USA National Phenology Network was established in 2007 to collect, store and share phenology data and information. The Nature's Notebook program was established in 2008 to allow professional and citizen scientists to contribute data to this national effort. 

USA-NPN 10 year anniversary logo

 Nature's Notebook 10 year anniversary logo