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Use the Local Phenology Program Infosheet to advertise your program. Share details about volunteers and a data summary. 

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B. F. Powell

Nature's Notebook Local Phenology Program Infosheet Template (Editable)


NN Customizable LPL Program InfosheetAs a thank you for all of your hard work we'd like to share an editable Nature's Notebook infosheet. 

This customizable PowerPoint template allows you to add details about your local program to our Nature's Notebook infosheet. Included on the sheet you will find general information about Nature's Notebook and phenology as well as customizable space to add your logo, a photo of your program, details about why you are using Nature's Notebook, and space for adding a data summarization from our visualization tool or Partner Statistics Dashboard. 


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Thank you for being a Local Phenology Program Partner! We look forward to continued work with you!