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Nature's Notebook Mobile Application Tip Sheet

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We have released a new mobile app for using Nature’s Notebook in the field - download it from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store! Note when searching for the app in the store: the new app version's icon is blue, as pictured here, rather than the old app, which has a yellow icon.

NN App store

If you downloaded a beta version for testing purposes, please uninstall it and get the newest release from the app stores.

For assistance using the app, view the step by step help document.

Once you've downloaded the app you will be promped to login using your Nature's Notebook account. 

If you made changes to your account using a computer, and do not see them on your new version of the app, open the app, and from the "Review" tab, click the button at the bottom for "Sync". After a few moments, your mobile device will update with the new account information and you will have access to the changes you made on the computer from your mobile device.

If you have the older version of the app (pre-June 15, 2019), consider transitioning to using the new app. Please check that your observations have been uploaded before moving over to using the new app. We will no longer be offering support for the old app after December 16, 2019.

Happy (mobile) Observing!

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