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Sample tile used to mark Phenology Trail sites in Tucson, Arizona. 

Image credit:
L. Barnett

Group Resources

Looking for some help with your new group site? We've compiled resources for you, based on what we are most frequently asked during the planning and implementation phases of designing a phenology walk or trail. 

Nature's Notebook Curriculum

Looking for activities to do with visitors to your site or students? Check out our Curriculum Resources for all grade levels, including adults. Use them as ice breakers at meetings or as supplements to making observations outside. 

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Host a Nature's Notebook Workshop

Want to train participants to help you with observations? Visit our workshop page for downloadable materials you can use and edit. You might consider using our Visualization Tool to demonstrate what stories participant data are telling!

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Become a Certified Group Leader

Apply for our online certification course is designed to help leaders establish a long-term Nature's Notebook phenology monitoring program at a location where they work or volunteer.

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Join the Local Phenology Leader Community of Practice

We host monthly calls and an online community for Leaders getting started with or maintaining long-term phenology monitoring programs using Nature's Notebook

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Explore Local Phenology Project Statistics

Get a quick snapshot of the number of phenology records per species, phenophase category, number of site visits, and active observers per month at any of our group sites.

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Templates and Logos

Feel free to use our logos and templates for information sheets, activities, and curriculum. 

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USA-NPN's YouTube Channel

Find links to all of our how-to videos, recorded webinars, and exciting videos that our partners have posted. 

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USA-NPN Pinterest Page

Our Pinterest page has pictures of signs and tags used in the field, where to find Phenology Trails across the US, workshop materials, and more. 

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Phenophase Photo Guides

Some of our wonderful partners are already cooking up photo-illustrated phenophase guides for their species of interest - and they are happy to share these with you! View the guides developed by:

California Phenology Project - over 60 species found in California, including deciduous trees and shrubs, forbs,  and evergreen trees and shrubs 

New York Phenology Project - 38 species of plants and animals found in the Northeast US and beyond

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge - currently has guides for Rio Grande cottonwood (Populus deltoides) and Siberian elm

Make your own Phenophase Photo Guides »

USA-NPN Phenophases Flickr Page

Because we are so often asked if we have photos of all of our species, for each of their phenophases, we decided to try to crowd-source some common phenophases for plants. We've created a Flickr page for groups to share their favorite phenophase photos for use in the field.  These photos have been vetted by group and network leaders and shared for your use, as long as you follow the indicated copywriting practices. You can download them and use them when you are making Phenophase Photo Guide handouts for your participants. For more specific information, visit our Phenophase Photo Guidelines page

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Social Media

Share your successes with us and a wider audience on our social media pages! Get ideas for how to design walks, trails, and signs for your site.  

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