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Observers participate in Nature's Notebook with the Tucson Phenology Trail.

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LoriAnne Barnett

Active Nature's Notebook Phenology Trails

Many communities are creating Phenology Trails as a way to collaborate on research, management, or educational outcomes. Below are several examples of our most active Phenology Trails with programs utilizing Nature's Notebook

Trail name

Contact info

Appalachian Trail Seasons Project
Audubon California
California Phenology Project
Central Arizona Phenology Traill
Denver Botanic Gardens Phenology Trail
Gulf Coast Phenology Trail
Minnesota Phenology Network
New York Phenology Project
North American Pawpaw Growers
Oregon Season Trackers
Pennsylvania Phenology Project
Rio Grande Phenology Trail
Signs of the Seasons
Tucson Phenology Trail


Want to start a Phenology  Trail?

Are you someone who enjoys creating relationships in your community? Are you good at organizing events and people? If you work with a number of agencies in your area and would like to create shared meaningful programming, then establishing a Phenology Trail is a great place to start by monitoring phenology in service to a shared research question or outreach and education strategy.  

For more information on what to do review our Phenology Trail resources and Program Planning Materials. If you still have questions contact the USA-NPN's Education Coordinator.

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