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Local Phenology Programs (LPPs) who have gone above and beyond!

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PhenoChamp Winners and Annual Reports

Sixth Annual Winners

The 6th Annual PhenoChampion is Washington Square EcoParks! 

Since 2019, students in NYU’s Ecological Field Methods class have participated in the Washington Square Park Phenology Project, led by Dr. Georgia Silvera-Seamans. Following a lecture about tree identification and a walking tour of the park, students are assigned a tree to monitor weekly throughout the Fall semester using the Nature’s Notebook App. The students sketch the leaves and bark and research their species. Visiting their trees every week, the students become attached to their tree as they watch it change.

WSP Eco Projects is an exemplary program that engages both with their students and community. Learn more about Washington Square Park Eco Projects.

Fifth Annual Winners

The 5th Annual PhenoChampion is Tree Spotters! Tree Spotters is an exemplary program that shows a dedicated group of volunteers can overcome challenges, maintain a critical long-term dataset, and create excitement in learning about phenology.

Fourth Annual Winners

The winner of our 4th annual PhenoChampions Award is Indiana Phenology! This non-profit was created to facilitate the long-term documentation of phenology changes in plants in all 92 counties in Indiana. See their application package here

Third Annual Winners

Earthwise Aware is the 2019 PhenoChampion Award winner! The nature conservation non-profit in Massachusetts has been an outstanding LPP, and has submitted two annual impact statements, made their own Phenology Report using Nature's Notebook data. See their application package here.

Second Annual Winners

The winner of our 2018 PhenoChampion Award is the Oregon Season Trackers! OST submitted a fantastic application package that showcased their short, medium, and long-term outcomes, a clear set of future directions, letter of support from an OSU faculty member, and a great slideshow of their activities. See their application packet here.

First Annual Winners

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Phenology Program - see their application package here.

Local Phenology Program Annual Report Results


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LPP Annual Survey 2022 Results infographic


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LPP Annual Survey 2021 Results infographic


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2020 Local Phenology Program Survey Results


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USA-NPN 2019 Active groups infographic


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USA-NPN 2018 Active groups infographic


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2017 LPL Survey Intro Slide

  Nature's Notebook Local Phenology Leaders Facebook Group

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Local Phenology Leader Certification Course

A 10-week, 50 hour, interactive course designed to help you navigate our online materials and establish a long term phenology monitoring program using Nature's Notebook at your site. We offer two sessions a year - one in the Fall and one in the Spring. For more information visit the Local Phenology Leader Certification Course Landing Page and add your name to the list of Leaders interested in becoming Certified.