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We offer the capacity for many observers to collect data at the same sites, and on the same plants and animal species, as part of a Local Phenology Project.  

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Brian F Powell

Set up a Group

We offer the capacity for multiple observers making phenology observations on the same individual plants and animal species at a site(s) to submit observations from their own accounts. These are Groups within Nature's Notebook. An account administrator has access to all observations and can see which observers have joined their Group. This process works well in locations such as schools, botanical gardens, neighborhood phenology trails, nature centers, etc., where multiple observers are contributing observations at one or more sites for the organization. 

Learn more about Groups in Nature's Notebook (download as a 2-page document)

Review our Phenology Walk and Trail Guide for more information. 

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Resources for Local Phenology Leaders

Visit our Group Resources page for information on how to conduct trainings, download your Group's data, create phenophase photo guides, and more. 

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