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How are your volunteers and participants doing? Use our Local Phenology Project Dashboards to find out!

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Brian F Powell

LPP Dashboards - Registered Observers Dashboard

Use this tool (and the dashboards on the main Local Phenology Project Dashboards page) to explore your Local Phenology Project's site-based data. This dashboard gives you a snapshot of observers registered with your project.

If you are seeking detailed phenological information for your site and the species you are observing, please visit the Phenology Observation Portal or the Phenology Visualization Tool.

How to use this dashboard

To total observers for a parent-level network select all children. For example, to total up observer activity for all "National Park Service" units, select "National Park Service" as well as all parks in the list.

There are Undo, Redo, and Reset buttons at the bottom of each dashboard.

To view the data underlying one of the graphs, click on a bar to make a selection. After a moment, options will appear: “Keep only,” “Exclude,” and an icon of a table. Click the table icon to view the underlying data. A summary will appear in the first tab, and Full data will appear in the second tab.

In order for this dashboard to work in Safari, you must set the "Block Cookies" setting to Never. 

Last updated: 8-10-23