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Active Local Phenology Networks

Here you will find our list of Local Phenology Programs using Nature's Notebook. If a group listed has a blank entry or is missing information, they have not updated their information with our USA-NPN NCO staff in 2019.

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If you are a Local Phenology Leader who would like to complete or update your LPPs listing, please contact

West Virginia University Core Arboretum is using Nature's Notebook to increase outreach and community engagement and help people learn about citizen science. WVU faculty and students, staff, volunteers, and school groups will be monitoring plants throughout the 91 acre WVU Core Arboretum. Spring ephemeral wildflowers and spring blooming trees will likely be highlighted in their observations.

This LPP is working with students.
First Observation:

We want to introduce and study phenology with our students who visit on a regular basis. We want to introduce young students to research, involve older students in research, and use the information to contribute to the greater good.

This LPP is working with under-served communities.
First Observation:

Audubon CA chapter (48 throughout the state) volunteers to monitor bird phenology on preserves statewide to detect any possible climate change-drive shifts and to engage volunteers in climate change research. Yolo Audubon is newest to Audubon CA chapter as of February 23, 2016 and will choose their species to monitor with Nature's Notebook on 6,800 Bobcat Ranch in Yolo County.