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Topic ideas for Local Phenology Leader Monthly Calls

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Interested in learning from your colleagues applying Nature's Notebook in the field? Have some good ideas to share with our community about how you are managing people who are collecting the data? Suggest a discussion topic for us to tackle on our monthly Local Phenology Leader meetings. 

Suggestions should be related to implementing a long-term Nature's Notebook monitoring program and its management rather than related to questions about existing or potential phenological studies themselves.  The goal of the monthly calls is to learn more about the methodolgies involved with managing groups of people who are collecting data, suggestions about engaging people, and learning about best practices for collaboration in your community.

We offer two options for these calls - the 3rd Thursday of every month at 3 pm Pacific Time, 4 pm Mountain Time, 5 pm Central time, and 6 pm Eastern Time and the 3rd Friday of every month at 10 am Pacific Time, 11 am Mountain Time, noon Central time, and 1 pm Eastern Time. 

Join us when you can! Erin circulates an email with details about the upcoming call a few days prior to the meeting. If you do not already receive these monthly reminders, click here to add your name to the email list.

If you have questions about research, suggestions for long-term scientific studies related to the field of phenology, or are seeking existing datasets on regional species, email The USA-NPN supports those who collect and curates on-the-ground phenology data.  We connect researchers and managers to resources and people who are able to assist in data collection. At this time our staff do not do data anaysis or sponsor research studies. For more information visit