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Volunteers learn how to make phenology observations of plants in the Mogollon Highlands in Arizona.

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L. Barnett

Mogollon Highlands Phenology Trail

The Mogollon Highlands Phenology Trail encourages people to engage in active, outdoor education, ask and answer local science, management and climate questions, and connect like-minded organizations together through a shared community project.  

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Seeking a Volunteer Trail Coordinator

We are seeking someone to help coordinate Nature's Notebook monitoring efforts across the Mogollon Highlands. If you are interested please review our volunteer job description and take a look at the great work our volunteers have done over the last 4 years!

Our Partners

The Mogollon Highlands Phenology Trail consists of walks at most of our wonderful partnering organization sites. Partner locations include:

  1. The Highlands Center for Natural History on Walker Road
    • Find Highlands Center Trail #442 where plants are tagged for observation
  2. The Community Nature Center of Prescott on Williamson Valley Road
  3. Prescott Creeks/Watson Woods on US Hwy 89
  4. The Natural History Institute 
  5. The Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research near the Juniper Mesa Wilderness
    • Contact Royce or Nita for more information by email at or via phone at 928-308-2872
  6. Supporting partner: Arizona Native Plant Society

Be sure to visit each of these locations to check out the tagged plants and animals and make some phenology observations.  Each site offers many other natural history, environmental, gardening, and other great programs, so be sure to see what else you can learn while there!


Check out some of the plant species being observed by sites on the Mogollon Highlands Phenology Trail sites:

Acer negundo Achillea millefolium  Arctostaphylos pungens 
Asclepias asperula Asclepias subverticillata Bouteloua curtipendula
Bouteloua gracilis Cercocarpus montanus Fraxinus velutina
Ipomopsis aggregata Juglans major Juniperus deppeana
Nolina microcarpa Oenothera caespitosa Pinus edulis
Pinus ponderosa Populus fremontii Purshia stansburiana
Quercus emoryi Quercus gambelii Rhus aromatica
Rosa woodsii   Vitis arizonica



If you live in the Prescott area or are just visiting, you can help us build a long-term dataset for the plants and animals we've tagged in Nature's Notebook

Follow these three steps:

Register for a Nature's Notebook account. On the Partner list, scroll to Mogollon Highlands Phenology Trail and click on the + to expand the list. Select the sites along the trail where you'd like to participate and save your work at the bottom of the page. 

Mogollon Highlands Partner Name on list

If you already have a Nature's Notebook account, find the Edit My Account page on the right side of the Observation Deck.Click on that link and select the EDIT tab to reveal the Partner List. Scroll to find the the Mogollon Highlands Phenology Trail Group, click on the + sign, and select the sites where you'd like to participate.

Save your updated information and return to your Observation Deck to start observing.