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Exploring Phenology Data in the Classroom: Plant Phenology Data and Citizen Science

This activity was designed by Jessica Savage (at University of Minnesota) and Erin O'Connell (at the University of Minnesota), with input from Blake Steiner (University of Arizona, School of Natural Resources) and Claire O'Neill (Earthwise Aware). It guides students through the use of the USA-NPN Visualization Tool to summarize phenology data.

Activity learning outcomes:

  1. Develop and test hypotheses about the relationship between phenology and climatic conditions using the NPN visualization tools that develop graphs and models.
  2. Examine what phenological data can tell us about climate change
  3. Analyze data from a large, long-term data set on phenology
Type of Resource: 
Created by an LPL
Audience Type: 
High School (9-12)
Post Secondary (Higher Ed)
Adult Audience
Length of Time: 
90 minutes