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Master Gardener Update 2018 - 2.5 hour class

Title: Understanding seasonal change: What phenology data tells us about gardens and ecosystems

Description: Observations of plant and animal life cycles (phenology) contributed to citizen science programs like Nature’s Notebook help create an electronic journal describing seasonal events and their timing. This information helps researchers, land and garden managers, and communities make decisions to better understand what is happening in our planet’s ecosystems. Learn how to use Nature’s Notebook, what collected observational data are telling us in the Phoenix metro area, and how you can be involved with Local Phenology Programs designed to engage members of the community, backyard observers, and researchers in documenting change. This update will also include a hands-on lesson using the Nature’s Notebook program and interactive discussion about how the Master Gardener program can be a leader on collecting phenology data for engagement and garden management in Phoenix.


This talk was provided as an overview of the power of citizen science and how volunteers like Master Gardeners are critically important to documenting phenological information that scientists and researchers are unable to gather without assistance. The call to action included asking Master Gardeners to observe marked plants and animals in their demonstration garden using the Nature's Notebook group and site established two years ago.

The presentation was a follow up to another advanced training workshop held in October 2016 where several members attended and became certified Local Phenology Leaders. Included is a video the participants made in 2016 as part of their certification.

Two activities were also facilitated, linked below, an introduction to observation and an introduction to taking quality photos of phenophases, a skill useful to Master Gardeners helping others identify issues, plants, and pests in their gardens.

Workshop Details
Wed, 11/14/2018
Length of Time: 
3 hours