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Sample Master Naturalist Workshop

Here you will find information for creating a phenology course to be used during a Master Naturalist Training Program. Many Master Naturalist Chapters utilize a 40-hour classroom lecture component with 20-40 hours in the field for certification.  The content for this phenology course can be presented in a 2-3 hour lecture/hands-on class, and 2-3 hours outside of the classroom completing data collection for a class assignment.  You may find that it might take you more or less time to cover the material contained in this example, which is fine. This is meant to be used as a guide and can be edited to fit your local needs.  Feel free to contact with questions or suggestions. 

Below we have a full suite of materials for the 8-hour workshop. Here is the annotated outline to go with the materials.

We have also created an outline for a shorter, 5-hour workshop. That outline can be found here

We have created several program planning worksheets for you to use as you think through a long-term monitoring program at your site.  Take a look at the Program Planning Guide for one, individual site, and the Program Planning Guide for Multiple Stakeholders for a collaborative effort such as a phenology trail.

You may also be interested in viewing our You Tube channel where we have stored how-to videos, archived webinars, and projects created by partners on a variety of topics. Check it out here. These can be great resources to share with your trainees, in addition to our newly released Botany Primer: Understanding Basic Botany for Nature's Notebook

Workshop Details

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