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Driven to Discover Citizen Science Curriculum Guide: Phenology and Nature's Notebook

This curriculum series supports student engagement in ecology-based citizen science and science practices: asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, and communicating findings. The citizen science projects provide a natural springboard to these practices and also connect students to real-world research.

This implementation guide is designed to provide context and activities related to collecting observations on deciduous trees in temperate forestes using Nature's Notebook protocols. It includes four content areas: Building science skills; Contributing to citizen science; and Conducting independent investigations. There are options for a condensed version and extended version, covering the span of an academic year.

View the companion video to the curriculum here:


It is also linked on the USA-NPN NCO YouTube Channel, Videos created by our Partners PlayList.

The guide was produces by a team of authors at University of Minnesota Extension. 

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Thompson, Ami; Strauss, Andrea L.; Oberhauser, Karen S.; Kooman, Michele H.; Montgomery, Rebecca; Andicoechea, Jonathan; Blair, Robert B.. (2018). Driven to Discover Citizen Science Curriculum Guide: Phenology and Nature's Notebook. University of Minnesota Extension. Retrieved from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,
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Lesson plan
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Middle School (5-8)
High School (9-12)
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60 minutes