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6-Week Nature's Notebook Program Implementation Guide and Jr. Phenologist Certification Program

This step-by-step implementation an curriculum plan outlines a 6-week long monitoring program, appropriate for classrooms, summer camps and after school programs.  It is a curriculum package that ties together a series of activities with the student-outcome of collecting observations for Nature's Notebook.

Before you begin, be sure to visit the resources for Nature's Notebook that describe how to set up a group monitoring site on our Start a Local Project Page.  Students have the option of becoming a Certified Junior Phenologist at the end of the course, depending upon the quality of their participation. The Junior Phenologist program requires that participating students under the age of 18 make at least 6 consistent and consecutive observations for Nature's Notebook, including entering the observation data from the plants and animals they observe into our National Phenology Database.

USA-NPN Education Publication Number: 2015-003-C



Type of Resource: 
Lesson plan
Audience Type: 
Middle School (5-8)
High School (9-12)
Length of Time: 
60 minutes

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