• New data! See how things have changed over the past 30 years—and why this work is so important.
  • Meet John Latimer: How does a mail carrier become one of the state’s leading phenologists?
  • Get involved: Find out how you can help!

Welcome to the Minnesota Phenology Network


Join us for the 7th annual phenology gathering

Phenology in an El Niño Winter

at Wolf-Ridge environmental learning center

Feb. 12-14th.  

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The Minnesota Phenology Network

Every plant and animal is part of a story that affects us all: the well-being of the environment. By tracking changes in the natural world—from bloom times to breeding patterns—we learn more about that story, how it’s impacting us and what we can do about it.

It’s your story, too. Be part of it. Learn more about phenology and how you can join researchers and nature lovers across Minnesota to tell your piece of the story. We have a bigger impact when we all share what we see happening in nature and work together.