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Phenology Workshop at Oracle State Park. 

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L. Barnett

Host a Nature's Notebook Workshop

Ready to start training professional and citizen science volunteers to collect observation data for Nature's Notebook?  Want to use Nature's Notebook in a classroom? We have hosted many workshops that present phenology monitoring in the context of climate change, as well as how to use the Nature's Notebook Program. 

Take a look at our editable resources below and feel free to use any of the materials in a training of your own.  You are welcome to use any of the resources you find below, either in their current state or edited to suit your needs.  If you put together an awesome class or workshop, share it with us! Questions, concerns or other ideas? Contact our Education Coordinator for help.

General Volunteer Training

This 6 hour workshop example was designed for volunteers at a park, school, natural area, or refuge who have a very basic understanding of ecology. It covers the topic of phenology in the context of our ecosystems and explains the value of collecting observations for the National Phenology Database.  

General 1 hour Introduction to Nature's Notebook Training Slide Deck »

General 3 hour Nature's Notebook Volunteer Training Slide Deck »

Sample Volunteer Training Course Outline, with activity links »

Sample evaluation and reflection guides » 

Short introductory slide decks for presentations »

Master Gardener, Master Naturalist, or Master Watershed Steward Phenology Topic Area

These workshops were designed for the "Master" Training programs, which typically are a blend of content areas in service to certification as a trained volunteer.  While the term "phenology" may not be commonly discussed, it is already an integral part of many of these content areas from landscape design and maintence, ecosystem health, biogeography, and natural systems.  Use this 3 hour lecture and assignments to introduce the concept of phenology to your trainees and encourage them to participate as a citzen scientist and educator in your local area. Consider having the volunteers plug in to a broader phenology monitoring program in your region and help design management and science questions of value to local agencies and organizations.  

Master Gardener Training Resources »

Master Naturalist Training Resources »

Master Watershed Steward Training Resources »

Teacher Training Workshop

Are you a nature center or park interested in hosting a group of teachers at your site? Maybe you'd like to encourage them to bring students on a field trip to your location and set up monitoring projects at their schools so students can have more than one experience with Nature's Notebook. Perhaps you work for a school district and want to offer a group of your teachers continuing education credits. Or maybe you are in charge of pre-service teachers at a university. One of these resources may be for you. 

Sample 1-day teacher training workshop at Santa Rita Experimental Range »

Sample 2-day teacher training workshop at the Grand Canyon »

Sample 3-day collaborative workshop with other Data Driven Programs »

View our workshop archive »

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