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Workshops, Presentations, and Events held by the USA-NPN NCO and our collaborators are listed below. Click on the workshop title for more information, including agendas and slides.

Workshop Title Datesort descending Description
ANROSP Conference Presentation 2013 11/07/2013

This presentation discusses why phenology is relevant for Master Naturalists, and how Nature's Notebook can be incorporated into Master Naturalist curriculum and as a project for individual volunteers. It also describes the resources we have available for state coordinators and Master Naturalist Read More »

Tucson Botanical Garden Docents and Phenology Observations: Ideas for Community Participation 11/11/2013

This 2 hour workshop was for the docent training program at the Botanical Garden.  The goal was to introduce the topic of long-term observation, Nature's Notebook as a resource, and to develop a plan for a "phenology education program" at the garden.  The activity provided facilitated Read More »

Nature's Notebook at Valle de Oro Webinar #1 11/12/2013

In this webinar for the phenology monitoring volunteers at Valle de Oro, we demonstrated how to create a Nature's Notebook account, the kinds of questions we will be answering at Valle de Oro, and how to make a site visit and enter observation data into Nature's Notebook.

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Nature's Notebook Results Webinar 2013: Why do scientists care so much about what's happening in your yard? 11/13/2013

Spring of 2012 arrived remarkably early in much of the U.S... but what about 2013? What do those observations that you've been diligently collecting and reporting in your yard say about this year? How are scientists and decision-makers using these observations?

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Tucson Phenology Trail Docent Training Resources 11/16/2013

This 4 hour workshop was designed for volunteers who are interested in helping to create a sustainable phenology monitoring program at site, using Nature's Notebook.  The resources below include those that were handed out during the workshop and are available to be edited.  

Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Phenology Trail Training 11/23/2013

This workshop was an introduction to phenology and Nature's Notebook, an introduction to program design and development surrounding a science question that can be answered using phenology data, and an introduction to resources available to get started. 

What the heck is Phenology? 01/08/2014

This two-hour activity and lecture was delivered to the Vail Garden Club in Vail, Arizona. 

Nature's Notebook at Valle de Oro Webinar #2 01/14/2014

During this check-in with Valle de Oro Nature's Notebook participants, we reviewed the initial visits made at the refuge, and discussed the issues that have come up in the first few weeks of monitoring. This included scheduling visits, finding sites on the refuge, data recording and entry, Read More »

Using Citizen Science to help answer local science questions: How Nature's Notebook can help you with horticulture management decisions 01/14/2014

This 1 hour lecture was delivered as part of the Mid-Atlantic Horticultural Short Course, for professionals in the field.  

Making meaning out of seasonal changes 01/16/2014

This one-hour talk was presented at the Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course for the Home Gardeners' Day.