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Workshop Archive

Workshops, Presentations, and Events held by the USA-NPN NCO and our collaborators are listed below. Click on the workshop title for more information, including agendas and slides.

Workshop Title Date Description
Grand Canyon Teacher's Workshop 04/04/2014

This workshop was presented to teachers in grades K-12 at the Grand Canyon National Park. Here are some links we discussed during our workshop:

Science Daily: - I Read More »

USA-NPN External Program Review Workshop 04/01/2014

USA-NPN External Program Review Workshop, Tucson, AZ April 1-2, 2014.

Nature's Notebook at the New York Botanical Garden 03/25/2014

Docents at the New York Botanical Garden participated in this webinar on the importance of phenology data, the results at the garden so far, some specifics on using Nature's Notebook and got some answers to their tricky phenophase questions.

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USA-NPN Booth at the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books 03/15/2014

This contains materials exhibited at the USA-NPN Booth at the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books, located in Science City - Science of the Natural World, March 15-16.  The booth was staffed by two NPN personnel from 9am til 5: Read More »

How tracking phenology can meet your science and outreach goals - Webinar 3 03/11/2014

Learn the steps to create a phenology program at your site, from creating a science question, choosing plants and animals to monitor, to data entry and download.

Teachers Workshop at the Santa Rita Experimental Range 03/10/2014

2 hour presentation as a part of a Teachers Workshop at the SRER. Introduction to Nature's Notebook and phenology as well as resources to plan a program.  Activity ideas and worksheets from the workshop are below.  Other resources can be found on our Education Page, Read More »

NOAA Climate Stewards - Using Nature's Notebook to teach science and climate change 03/02/2014

This webinar was presented to the NOAA Climate Stewards: National Webinar and Project Meeting.  

Visit to Haskell Indian Nations University - Afternoon Seminar 02/25/2014

This presentation was given to the phenology trail implementation group, led by Dr. Dan Wildcat, at Haskell Indian Nations Univerisity. The group will be creating a phenology walk and trail in Lawrence, Kansas.   

Introduction to Phenology: How Nature's Notebook can help you understand habitats 02/13/2014

Intro lecture delivered to a Introduction to Primatology Methods class. Includes background information on the importance of phenology to research in this field, as well as designing a scientific research question based upon observations made throughout the course. Follow up lecture will include Read More »

How tracking phenology can benefit your everyday life - Webinar 1, 2014 02/11/2014

People have used phenology for thousands of years to guide their actions, from knowing when to hunt, plant, and harvest, to deciding when to watch for pests. These seasonal events can be equally useful to us in our everday lives. Learn how phenology, the study of life cycle events in plants and Read More »