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Workshops, Presentations, and Events held by the USA-NPN NCO and our collaborators are listed below. Click on the workshop title for more information, including agendas and slides.

Workshop Title Date Description
Sample Master Naturalist Workshop 09/15/2014

Here you will find information for creating a phenology course to be used during a Master Naturalist Training Program. Many Master Naturalist Chapters utilize a 40-hour classroom lecture component with 20-40 hours in the field for certification.  The content for this phenology course Read More »

Gila County Master Watershed Steward Class 09/04/2014

This class was presented as a topical area in the Gila County Master Watershed Steward Class.  Content includes an introduction to ecosystems and phenology, an overview of the USA-NPN and Nature's Read More »

Rio Grande Phenology Trail Nature's Notebook Training 07/17/2014

This workshop was hosted by the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and presented by Education Director Mollie Parsons and ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden Education Coordinator Tallie Segel.

The purpose of the workshop was to give an introduction on the goals of the Rio Grande Phenology Trail, the Read More »

Making sense out of seasonal changes in your garden: A scientific spin on Garden Journaling 06/28/2014

As a gardener you've probably notices leaf-out, bloom-time, pest emergence, and pollinator visitation at specific times, related to seasons and environmental conditions.  Believe it or not, these events are important to follow, and are critical to scientists to better understand how plants Read More »

Using Volunteers to Engage in Relevant Research 06/10/2014

This 20 minute talk was presented to the USFS Region 9/NPN Phenology Working Group on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. 

STEMAZing Teacher's Professional Development Workshop 06/09/2014

This 4-hour teacher training workshop provides an overview to phenology, ecology, climate, and the USA-NPN.  Teachers were to come prepared, or do as a homework assignment, a review of the Nature's Notebook website so they were ready for discussion about how to set up a site at their school Read More »

Getting started with Nature's Notebook on your National Wildlife Refuge 05/15/2014

We discuss how you can use Nature's Notebook to meet management and outreach objectives. We demonstrate how to get started with Nature's Notebook, how to associate yourself with the USFWS group, and highlight our pilot program at Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge as an Read More »

Tucson Audubon Society, Tracking Seasonal Changes 05/12/2014
Southeast Arizona experiences unique changes throughout the seasons. What are your favorite seasonal hallmarks? Hummingbirds at your backyard feeder in winter? Mexican free-tailed bats emerging from bridges on summer evenings? Monsoon wildflowers? Have you noticed how these events change with Read More »
Teachers' Workshop at the Phoenix Zoo - Inquiry-based Learning 05/03/2014

This workshop presents Nature's Notebook as a tool for facilitating a long-term, inquiry-based phenology program in a variety of educational settings.  

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Nature's Notebook Webinar: Botany 101: Plant Parts and Tricky Phenophases 04/08/2014

How do I know when a leaf bud has broken? Do I count the number of seeds or seed heads? When is a fruit ripe? We will provide answers to these common questions and more.