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Workshop Archive

Workshops, Presentations, and Events held by the USA-NPN NCO and our collaborators are listed below. Click on the workshop title for more information, including agendas and slides.

Workshop Title Date Description
Nature's Notebook at Barataria Preserve 2011 Workshop

Jake Weltzin & Carolyn Enquist present Nature's Notebook at the Barataria Reserve in Lousiana.

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One-hour Introduction to Phenology Observation Programs - Nature's Notebook

This one-hour annotated lecture provides an introduction to the history and science of phenology, an overview of the USA-National Phenology Network and our Nature's Notebook Citizen Science Program, as well as details about research, education, and field applications.  At the Read More »

Editable Workshop Registration Brochure

This Microsoft Word document and Powerpoint files can be used as a template for creating a registration brochure for a workshop.  Swap out pictures to reflect seasonal images from your area and volunteers collecting data at your site.  The PDF file is a sample of how our finished Read More »

CPP - AT Seasons Lessons Learned Telecon

Representatives from the California Phenology Project and Appalachian Trail Seasons projects got together to share lessons learned.

Download the recording (no video, just audio).

Youth One-time Datasheet

This editable datasheet is suitable for groups hosting middle or high school youth programs at their site, during a hosted one-time workshop or visit.  Species phenophases can be cut and pasted using the screencap function from the original datasheets in Nature's Notebook and Read More »