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Help name a national monitoring program!

The USA National PA bee pollinating.henology Network (USA-NPN; is developing a nationwide participatory biological monitoring program focused on phenology (timing of life-cycle events such as migration, emergence, flowering) of plants and animals.

Phenology is a great tool for tracking the pulse of nature across a variety of scales, because it is sensitive to environmental variation, affects many goods and services provided by natural systems, and is relatively easy to observe.

One part of our online program allows citizens, researchers, natural resource managers, and educators to submit phenology observations that will contribute to research and education, and that will complement existing monitoring programs.  We will broaden the program to include animals just in time for spring!

But, we need a descriptive, simple, and catchy name for this on-line program, and we’re asking for your help.  In fact, if we chose your suggestion, we’ll help cover the cost of your attendance at any upcoming professional meeting this year.

The name should appeal to a broad range of participants, from amateurs to professionals (e.g., “citizen scientists,” educators, resource managers and scientists), reflect the identity of this long-term project, and help both attract and retain participants.

Contribute your suggestions to by 12 February 2010.  

We’ll go live with the newly named program and a redesigned web-site in early March… in the meantime, learn more about USA-NPN, and consider participating in 2010!