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NCTC Moving Friends Forward Training

This introductory session provided an overview of citizen science, including what defines a citizen scientist, the benefits of citizen science to both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and volunteer participants, and the usefulness of data collected by citizen scientists. Participants learned about programs that are currently being used, with a focus on the USA Nature Phenology Network’s Nature’s Notebook plant and animal phenology observation program as a case study. Participants also learned how the new Federal Citizen Science Toolkit and other online resources can assist them to select an appropriate citizen science program for their refuge (handout provided). 
After attending this session, participants are able to: 
• Describe how scientists and natural resource managers are using data collected by citizen scientists for decision making, research, outreach, and education
• Describe three benefits of citizen science to volunteer participants
• Describe three citizen science programs the Service is currently using within the National Wildlife Refuge System
• Identify three searchable online resources for finding a citizen science program to suit your refuge Target audience: Friends board members and Service employees 
Learn more about how to get started with Nature's Notebook on your Refuge at
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