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USA-NPN Products and Tools Impact Statements

Woman looks for birds with binoculars at wetland areaThe USA-NPN's National Coordinating Office would love to know more about how researchers, land managers, educators, and scientists are using our tools and products to meet their goals.

Please take a few minutes to share some information about why you chose our products and tools*, how you used them, and what impact they have had on your work. We may use your responses as direct quotes in reporting and outreach materials. Thanks so much for being a part of this important network!

*USA-NPN products and tools include Nature’s Notebook, phenology data, visualizations, and maps of predicted phenology (eg, Status of Spring maps).

What do you do (e.g. what is your job) that requires the use of our tools? Share with us why you selected USA-NPN products or tools to accomplish a task or goal.*This field has a 100 word limit*.
For example, describe specifically what you did with Nature's Notebook (e.g. I recruited and trained 10 people to make weekly observations), or what you did with the USA-NPN maps (e.g. I checked the pest maps weekly for an indication of growing degree days) to help answer a question, or use the data to make a decision. *This field has a 100 word limit*.
Did using USA-NPN products or tools improve efficiency? Were you better informed about a problem? Did it enable data collection that would not have been possible otherwise? How many people benefited as a result of your efforts? What was the impact of an improved decision made using USA-NPN tools and products? *This field has a 100 word limit*.
*This field has a 100 word limit.*
If you have a photo to share of people in the field using Nature's Notebook, someone presenting a talk about NPN Products, or a photo of your team, we'd love to see it and share it.
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